170×170 day 61 30.6.15

61 30.6.15

Those who say build good moments as you live every day are the wisest people, live every day with one goal in mind that you will add some laughter and love-filled moment in it, if possible share it with everyone if not then for yourself only, after all, who will entertain you if you don’t?

Try to be happy, as much as you can, it’s ok if your cheek hurt from too much smiling, laughing, sooner or later you will come to phases where your inner smile may disappear for a moment or much longer, then these moments will remind you that once you had fun, and they may ultimately coax you out of that shell and ease your mind, make you smile, laugh again, if not that much then at-least some!

Apart from that, you will have stories to share when you grow old, about good old days!

So do build at least one good hour every day of your life, we all can do it if we want!



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