Thursday scribblings 11.6.15

Law 13 of 48 laws of power by Robert Greene says when asking for help, appeal to people’s self interest, never to their mercy or gratitude.

Now this is a brilliant suggestion for sure, barring truly huge-hearted persons most people always look for own benefits in “deals”, no matter what that “deal” is, helping someone to build his home after it has been destroyed or career!

There are handful people who give just because they can give but most seek something in return of charity, something more than mere gratitude, fame, publicity or percentage…

I will say it is a smart one!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 11.6.15

    • this is a lesson I have learnt from another angle, so many times I have heard people saying “Always be good to people, you can never know you may end up begging for his or help in future!” boy I did despised that mindset, still do but it is very common because I have heard it from too many mouths!

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