Thursday Scribblings 21.5.15

Law 10 of Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power says avoid the unhappy and unlucky.

Now, it is a smart idea but I don’t fully follow it, I try to help till it starts to effect me, I don’t know if you believe in luck or not but I do, and I maybe superstitious but I have seen that quite a few people really have an aura of bad luck that surrounds them like infectious disease and being near them means getting infected!

So, when I get this vibe from someone I distance myself, otherwise I really don’t have any problem with lingering with unhappy and unlucky and trying my bit to cheer them up.

At the end, another priceless suggestion for sure!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 21.5.15

  1. Often a smile will help those who feel lost and unhappy…why not try and make their day a little better if possible…of course some people are always unhappy no matter what happens.

    • seen some of them, I try to change their point of view if I fail then I just distance a little. no one in this world is without some very serious problems, lucky are those who relish the pluses and accept the minuses.

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