Musegames on Wednesdays 13.5.15

rainbow IMG_0001 6.5.15

Dark clouds quickly covered the sky, what a relief after scorching days! Everyone stepped out to open spaces, balcony, rooftop.

Then she noticed the rainbow and remembered what elders said when she was a kid, rainbow forms only when rain is over or wont fall!

Well, they were right!

It was just an empty promise of Varuna, the clouds vanished in the same speed leaving moon glowing in evening sky.


Aasman pe kale lahrate badalon ko dekh ke dil khushi se jhoom utha, barish! ooh yeah! barish! sare din kee jaltee dhoop ke baad thodi see thandak.

Chhade aur baramde bhar gaye utsuk logon se.

Tabhi aasman pe indradhanush muskuraya aur badal rafoochakkar ho gaye.

Use badon kee kahi baat yaad aayi, indradhanush ka matlab hota hai barsat khatam!

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