Thursday scribblings 7.5.15

The eighth law of 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene says

Make other people come to you-use bait if necessary.

Now it does not takes much common sense to agree with this one, right? When we are in our turf we know the details, every nook cranny, pothole! A stranger certainly will be in disadvantageous condition.

Think about Culkin in Home Alone or Shivaji of Indian History, when he went to Agra and was fooled by Aurangzeb he simply played by his rules and then lured him into his territory and became Mughal empire’s nightmare.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 7.5.15

  1. or real life too… just think about the lair of K, it is the same thing, right? everyone who goes there walks into his den, I wonder how many see through his ploy before being hit on the head or worse! just think… who will think an office full of doppelgangers and crooks waiting for you in your “great new job”?

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