Musegames on Wednesdays 6.5.15

face of cloud IMG_0017 16.4.15

The elf looked down on earth, tears started dropping from his eyes, one by one.

The kids danced in joy, it was raining.

Up on the sky the elf was grieving, he created that forest nurturing every little sapling for centuries… in one decade the entire forest was gone! Now there were only houses and human beings! The trees, the birds, the animals… they were all gone!

He groaned and then bellowed!


Kitne pyarse, kitne sadiyon se usne is pahadi ko sajaya tha, kitni asani se insaan ne use barbad kar diya! kahan gaye wo jhoomte ped, chahchahati pakshiyan?

Badal ke aankh bhar aaye, dheere dheere aansoon bahne lage.

Bachche ghar se bahar bhage barsat me bheegne ke liye.

Dheere dheere badal ghanere hote gaye aur toofan toot para.

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


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