WordPress links malfunctioning????

Every link that I am adding to my homepage in wordpress, is not working, why? I am posting a post every day in mydomainpvt and magicthought and adding their links in the main page/ home page, today I just happened to check them and they are not working, not a single one of them! they have been copy pasted from the address bar, so just cant be wrong!

So I guess I am just wasting my time adding them to my page, right?

Hilarious guys!

Thanks a lot!!


2 thoughts on “WordPress links malfunctioning????

  1. Hmm, which links do you mean? You mean reblogging them or something else? I have noticed that when I get email notifications for posts of yours that you’ve reblogged to other blogs of yours, that it often comes up as Page Not Found. Not sure why that’s the case, but it’s happened for a long time.

    • No, the direct links of the posts I am adding in the main page, to help others locate the posts in case they want to read them after visiting my homepages, those links are not working.

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