Thursday Scribblings 30.4.15

The seventh law of Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power says-

Get others to do the works for you but always take the credit.

Now, you think such people don’t exist? Really? I have lived with one till 2005, she always made us do errands for her and her chum, buddy, pals and ALWAYS took the credit, as a result we worked like her slaves and she became everyone’s adorable thingie! She had some pets of her own who helped her in telling people lies that she did all those things and more, she never ever admitted to anyone that she made us do those things for her.

So, when someone makes you work do check out where are the results are going, if you are working then you are the one who deserves its results, good or bad!

Never fall for such vile creatures, there are too many of them around you, just observe.

One of the most tragic experience of their prey is most probably the brilliant scientist whose works a shrewd contemporary scientist without much talent bought for dimes and earned millions and fame. I will later add their names here, just cant remember their names! sorry! the guy who invented alternate current… I always forget his name! grrr

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


12 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 30.4.15

  1. I haven’t heard of these laws of power before your posts. Are they supposed to be admirable things? This sounds maybe what a boss might do, where the underlings do the actual work but the boss gets the credit for the leadership and vision. Of course, it could just be plain stealing too, as you said.

    • No way! just as the name of the book says, if you want to be powerful, say a successful (not always good) manager, politician… try these rules they will work as magic, and you or me may not believe/follow these rules but I have met too many people who use it to control others/fulfill their ulterior intentions.

      Think about the “ruining reputation” trick K played it on me and that really helped him, did not it? as for the usurping other’s works? I think 90% managers do that and don’t even burp!

  2. The best part is the book is dirt cheap, I think somewhere around 400 rupee, if you buy it you will know that it is far more precious than that, he has worked a lot, there is a vast collection of stories you will thoroughly enjoy, he is a good storyteller too!

    There are three books I suggest people like me to read- this one, of human bondage (by somerset Maugham) and Shreemadbhagwat Geeta’s good translation, I have a fantastic one in Bengali.

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