Musegames on Wednesdays 29.4.15

cloud eyes IMG_0006 12.4.15

He looked down at earth, there she was, sitting by the river. A beautiful creature indeed! He just could not control himself, every time he was assigned to rain on this patch of earth he tried to search her, sometimes she was not out in the open, sometimes she was, he tried to bring her out by sending sweetest gusts of wind, rain, sometimes he succeeded and sometimes he failed.

Suddenly he felt that she too was looking back at him, for the first time!

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14

Halke se apni aankhen khola usne, kholte hee wo dikhi, nadi ke kinare baithi huyi thee. Uski khoobsoorati se uski duniya roshan ho gayi.

Jab bhee usko is jagah me barish karne kee jimmedari saupee jati thee wo use hee dhoondhta tha, kabhi wo nazar aa jati thee, uski barish me bheegti, jhoomti pedon kee tarah, kabhi lakh bulane pe bhee bahar nahi aati thee.

Der tak wo use takta raha.

Achanak usne aankhen uthai aur unki aankhe chaar ho gayee??


22 thoughts on “Musegames on Wednesdays 29.4.15

    • Pabitra is a man’s name and woman’s name, in west Bengal it is purely masculine name but I have read about a pabitra from Delhi she was (murdered) a woman, one of my brother’s friend is Oriya, his name is Pabitra, he pronounces it as pabitraa too we Bengalis pronounce it as pabitro (its quite common in Bengal because of its meaning but always masculine name).

    • oh you can directly ask that person whether he is a man or a woman 🙂 I don’t beat around the bushes when it comes to confusion. BTW the name of the son of my last landlord in Kolkata was Sonu, he too was a man, had a wife and a daughter 😉

      • in quite a few provinces I met one sindhi she too was a woman, a piece of work! 😉 a real piece of work! it is pet name of one of my nieces too, but not only one, she has half a dozen pet names, it is one of them.

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