Shubho Nabobarsho, Happy Bengali New Year 1422!

nabobarsho 1422 IMG_0002 15.4.15

sunrise I_0049 1.4.15

Shubho Nabobarsho!

Have a blessed new year 1422! May all the blessings of God shower down upon your world, fill it up with good and beautiful things that last forever!



poorab me aasman dheere dheere roshan ho raha tha, pakshiyan apna par failaye hawa me tair rahi thee. Wo ek ped ke neeche baith gayi, apni kitab godi me rakh ke wo us khoobsoorat sama me kho gayi, khud ko bhulake.

Gulmohar ke phool uske sar pe baraste rahe, meethi see barish kee tarah. Unhi kee laal rang churake suraj ugne laga poorab me, dheere dheere.

Inhi palon ke liye wo har subah apnee pagal see zindagi se bhag ke yahan aati hai, lake ke kinare, isi ped ke neeche apna savera sooraj ke sath bitake laut jati hai.

Band darwajon ke peeche, jaha khidkiyon se parda hatana bhee lazimi hai.


the eastern sky was slowly lighting up, the birds were sailing like clouds in the sky, serene, happy! she sat down under a tree, book on her lap mind lost in the beauty surrounding her.

the flowers of forest flame kept dropping on her head like a sweet shower of rain, the sun stole some of their colour and showed up in the east.

she stole some moments from her insane life and sneaked out here every dawn, to spend some solitary moments with the sun, beside this lake, under this tree of forest flame.

Before returning to her world behind closed doors, where curtains kept the world outside.


Aha, this is a new promise I have made to myself, I will write a story in Bengali/Hindi and English, not exact translation but same story.

I will try to download Bengali alphabet and if available hindi alphabet but that is a dicey case! They have a tendency to mess up the system, so….


Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


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