Thursday Scribblings 2.4.15

The third law of 48 laws of power by Robert Greene again gives a brilliant suggestion. “Hide your intentions.”

I have learnt this lesson really late, but it is true, we normal human beings prefer to be open books, to be on the good books of others, it suits nice with good people, those who don’t/wont stab people on their back but it can be a deadly weapon in the hands of enemies or friends turned enemies.

Apart from that sometimes it is good to let your actions speak more than your “intentions”, that may save your dignity too, we all plan for things, share our plans with others and then fail for one reason or the other, what if we had not shared/broadcasted those plans and instead of that silently worked on them? Then the failure would have been much more private!

The book says it is good to hide your intentions because if you don’t share your intentions you can manipulate others, hoodwink others. So if you are not a powerplayer but surrounded by powerplayers then if someone shares his intentions never think that he is being an open book, always try to gauge others by their actions, not intentions-they may be truthful or fictious.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


6 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 2.4.15

    • that is a suicidal trait in today’s world! you should better train yourself to keep your mouth shut, mind open, you don’t have to share your dreams, inner thoughts with everyone, I think it is smarter to show through actions, let the world see after you have done!

  1. I agree that it’s good to keep things close. I am very closed online with people I don’t know, but not with my friends. It’s never good to be too open when you don’t know who is watching and listening.

    • a lesson I have learned late but am a firm believer of! people can say anything/everything but when it comes to doing everyone saves what means something to that person and avoid doing anything that can harm that!

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