One a wicked story and the link for The Charons

dove 28.3.15 I10

She looked around, her mate was busy wooing the young lass. She looked at him for a while, traitor! She went away and bought herself an icecream.

He showed up after an hour, apparently the young lass was not interested in him, balding middle aged man with a ten year old son.

“My icecream?” he asked coyly.

“You were busy so I did not buy one for you.” she answered calmly. He looked at her, for any sign of anger or hurt, there was none.

“Would you mind if I leave Ritwik with you?” he asked, “I will have to work late again!”

“No…. I mean I cant have him… you see I have had enough of babysitting unless of-course you start paying!”


Yesterday I started watching a movie, “Mom’s night out” and stopped watching after half an hour because it was past my bedtime, will watch the rest tonight and was thinking about the lead character.

People often under-estimate the sacrifice of housewives and esp. mothers of multiple kids (bringing up one properly is a herculean task in my eyes). I have heard working women saying unkind things about them, sometimes in their presence sometimes not, there are some things in this world that cant be weighed by money (but our society does) one of them is the goodness that housewives bring to world by managing, yes managing the home by staying inside those walls all day long while others go out, those who go out have some moments of leisure, absolute break but there is no such thing for housewives, but housewives are better off than other women who are sucked into this vortex, working for their families for one reason or others- widowed, divorced, single- their job is absolutely, totally thankless! Seen so many of them (I am one of them too!).

Honestly even though these house-managers often make the world better for others they never receive the gratitude and thanks they deserve except some blessed ones.

Next time you feel like taunting a housewife, house-manager don’t! 😉

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