Thursday Scribblings 15.1.15

Two books have played quite a bigger role of mentor in my life than other books, most of the books I have loved have taught me one or more than one things, that have stayed with me through the years, but 48 Laws of Power and my favorite book “Of human bondage” by Somerset Maugham has taught me lots of things each.

This book has taught me mostly to recognize intentions, and more important than that, the actions thereafter. Before laying my hands on this book I was Don Quixote, always thinking that one has to prove that she is good, she shuns evil and more of such dumb, suicidal things.

This book confirmed my suspicion that doom awaits such people if they dont learn to keep their mouth shut and actions subtle.

I wonder if the author knows how invaluable a book he has gifted to society!

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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