Thursday Scribblings 8.1.15

This year I will discuss and study one of the two books that have moved me very deeply. Books that have taught me too many things I will say.

The name of the books 48 laws of power, and it is written by Robert Greene. I will suggest everyone who is like I was once a “sucker” in the language of that book and a “believing soul” in the language of nicer people.

When I first encountered this book, somewhere in 2006 I believe I was in the midst of an ocean of hostile ghouls, absolutely out of my wit, trying to understand how and why people harbour so much hatred, spite, venom against a stranger and gang up to harass her.

I was totally ignorant of their poisonous minds, but this book sort of acted like my mentor, it gave me a deep insight into the mind of corrupted, poisonous people.

Unfortunately, I have read the first 10 laws multiple times but the remaining are still waiting to be read. So this is sort of my this year’s resolution to finish this book, and share some tidbits from it with you.

Hope some other “****” like me learn something from these posts.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14

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