“The Lotus of Fire” in createspace, kindle

Do check out my book and let me know about the slips or beauties so that I can try better next time 🙂
love and hugs.

Its here: https://www.createspace.com/5030667

And the kindle version is here:




(ASIN: B00O8M3O5E)

the petals of fire lotus

Petals of Fire Lotus

It is the smaller, cheaper book in gist, the contents of both books are totally different, the only thing similar is they are both written and illustrated by me. I painted the things myself.

This contains 30 plus poems and paintings.

If you want the pdf file of this book write me, @sharmishtabasu@hotmail.com or sermistabasu@gmail.com


9 thoughts on ““The Lotus of Fire” in createspace, kindle

      • Yes, I imagine it isn’t easy. I myself am technologically challenged and taking the conventional print route for now… one day I will tackle self publishing in e-book form.

      • Before I tried createspace I too thought that it is impossible for me to create an ebook, i am not web savvy at all, i know little bit computer, which i am sure cant be called “expert”.

        Have you tried createspace?

        But if you are trying publishers, i will say that you give them the first try, and you certainly will be able to make them publish your work! all the best!

  1. Reblogged this on talesbytink and commented:
    This lovely author and artist was one of the first people to communicate with me willingly and givingly on my blog, who gave me a leg up into being read by a lot of others too, I think. So I’m paying forward and in the spirit of authors helping one another, passing on her recent success to you, dear reader.
    I haven’t read the books yet and so cannot vouch for content but from her blog and comments I think you can expect something heart lifting and a little bit dear within the world (as in precious, not expensive, Australians among you.)

    But also, she’s generously sharing how easy it is to get your book together and published by a platform. And she is talented enough to illustrate her own books, although I think that is the wrong verb and implies the wrong format.
    Poems and paintings. Sounds like beauty to me.


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