Thursday Scribblings 18.12.14

A few days ago I was having a discussion with about romantic novels, i cant write one, why? I have always been drop dead romantic, falling in love has never been a problem to me, because I dont chase “dreamlovers” or “princes on white steeds”, but with time I became sure about one thing, mutual true love really does not exists, it just happens once in a while, mostly “true loves” are one way, only one person really loves, the next one loses interest or never falls in love at all.

Those who truly love often dont express their love, and those who are totally unworthy of having their loved one’s love, or their obsession’s love are the ones that make the lives of their target’s miserable by endless stalking, harassing, drooling.

Unfortunately there is no woman alive in this world I believe who has not been stalked by these “worthless” stalkers, so how can I beg to be different? These people really can make people like me allergic to men in total! So ultimately they have the last laugh. Even though they cant have what they drool after they ensure that they ruin that thing.

Now as we women know most of these droolers are married, now who will like to be their wives/mothers/daughter in law? Not me!

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14

2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 18.12.14

    • well as you know I have never had a two-sided fling (forget about love affair) in my life, it has always been one way road, either from that side or this side, so I really cant picturise romantic relationships 😉

      This is one great block in my brain, I have to visualize something to give life to it.

      Before meeting Binky and Co I might have been able to imagine sweet nothings but those succubuses did me a favor, they sucked out “romance” from the heart of a leo (I will really give them credit for that! it takes pure evil to make a leo non-romantic), left her a little more invincible 🙂

      With every year added to age brain starts counting more on loving relationships that will last than Mills and Boons type romance.

      As for “twisted” love stories, well I always am writing one of them, am not I? “Strange Island” for one!

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