Thursday Scribblings 4.12.14

Another year is ending, and another year is added to my bachelor life. Which till date I dont regret and with every passing year I feel happier that I did not ended up being married even though before seeing the real face of Indian society I tried earnestly, one thing or the other intervened. Sometimes my self-respect, sometimes sheer dumb luck!

A few days ago I was discussing something with David, my amazing friend and things veered to law of attraction, ever since the day i recollect i remember three things having magnetic attraction towards me (i feel quite envious of those who attract butterflies and hummingbirds) lizards (boy, i am a lizard magnet), cockroaches (even though I loathe them and loathe it even more when they fly) and dragonflies- love em! Who does not?

It I think that is God’s way of telling me know most probably that the type of suitors/stalkers that will pop up in my life again and again, and honestly, I used to live in Burdwan house, blissfully distanced from these creepy crawlies but it all started with one dubious character’s entry in the family and the men that became a part of that household thereafter.

Sometimes when I think about these shameless, brazane cockroaches the thing that surprises me most is how can they have guts to think that (I dont want to sound arrogant but have to, forgive me) I will fall in love with any of them? Even if they are the last males available on earth? I will rather become a nun, kill myself, throw myself off a cliff than allow them anywhere in my heart’s vicinity. But these cockroaches are truly adamant species, it barely matters whether they have one feet dangling in the grave, have just crawled out of sewers or are totally radioactive- they dont die! They just fly around till they ruin the whole fun of the lives of others and make them wish they were dead instead of those gutter cockroaches.

Now just imagine, what if I have allowed my family to find a match for them and ended up with one of these cockroaches?

It is so good to be single in India.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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