Thursday Scribblings 20.11.14

There is a naughty side of computer too, these days I am noticing with a little disappointment that wordpress acts like my muse stimulator.

When I try to write in a normal word file I have to concentrate, think, imagine then write, whereas the second I open one new post in wordpress it rarely stops at “one” new post, I often have to stop myself from writing the umpteenth one.

I think I will create a wordpress blog lookalike desktop and then just pretend that I am writing in a wordpress blog while I write in my word file 😉

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 20.11.14

  1. Ha, that’s a good idea. Whatever stimulates our creativity. As for me, I’m the opposite. I find it much harder to write in the WordPress window than in Word but I think that’s just because I’ve used Word for over a decade. I almost always write in Word and then paste it into WordPress when I’m done.

    • I have noticed this weird thing, for quite some time, the minute i open the wordpress new post page my creativity opens up, i often end up writing one post after the other, but when i am sitting with word document mind often just finishes up the project and goes back to sleep 😦

      There is something stimulating about wordpress I guess!

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