Thursday Scribblings 6.11.14

Let’s have some fun after last month’s sharings. 🙂 My brother’s colleague’s family stayed with me for a few days from 28/10 to 2/11 to be precise. The lady in question is a very sweet girl, innocent and absolutely family oriented. She was trying to prove the advantages of family life, marriage 🙂

I was trying to convince her that my life is more fun, lucky for both of us she doesnot knows bengali, I dont know her mothertonge oria, so we both were only able to partially express ourselves, there were no chances of discussion going argument way or so.

She asked how I spend days on my own, and I told her about my second and second deepest love lately, my computer :)- first place of-course is fixed for God.

Now, my darling, adorable computer is the best way of passing my days for me.

Why I prefer computer over human companionship? I of-course can go out and mix with the neighbours. I have too much time in my disposal.

1. Sooner or later they will start asking personal questions, and that is one field where I have to lie, I cant tell people truth about my family so I have to bluff, and that is something I totally detest. 90% credit to my present situation goes to my family, so if I have to answer any question about my present situation sooner or later it will go to my family and then …. so I am better content with my computer, it never asks me why and wherefores! It never judges or sniggers, never looks down upon me or looks up at me 🙂

2. I have seen sooner or later most discussions turn to either recipe exchange or other domestic skills or worse gossip when a bunch of fairer sex creatures unite. I remember how I was always at a loss of words when I sat in the company of the fairer sex, I used to listen without talking, so… cant say I am missing something.

3. No matter what I do on my computer, chances of its having a long-time effect on my life are very slim, at the max I may have to format my computer or so…. but in case of human beings, well there are some specimens out in my world that can spill so much toxin in your world that purging it will be the only solution, now you cant purge your life as long as you are alive, right?

4. The sheer delight that a computer gives, well, no human being can give it to you. That too for day after day, hour after hour. Without least exhaustion. So, when I read that joke about a woman screaming to a burglar to leave her computer and take her kids instead of that I can understand her devotion to that “nonliving” thing 🙂

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14

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