Musegames on wednesdays 22.10.14

He was whistling merrily. He was supposed to. He was already imagining the delicacies that he will make his wife prepare with this huge fish.

The dawn was yet to break.

“Wait for the dawn Mohan.” his friend has asked him repeatedly. “You know about the bamboo grove and the spirits that live there. They wont let you walk away with that fish.”

“They will have to have a piece of my chopper!” he has laughed out loud. He did not believed in ghosts. But he knew if someone saw him with this huge fish he will have to share it. That was not happening.

He entered the grove. It was really dark but he was quite expert in walking in pitch dark, and this road, well he knew it as well as the backside of his own palm.

something liquid fell on his should, warm, felt like water. He looked up.

two glowing eyes were looking at him from above.

“Is that a fish?” a nasal voice asked.

He threw away the fish and ran as fast as he could. He turned back only once and saw a bunch of creatures crowding around it, they looked like huge cats.

But cats dont talk!

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


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