Thursday Scribblings 16.10.14

The vices I cherish – 3. laziness.

People say it is the mother of all other vices, well, to me it is equivalent to optimization of time. Now, being an ex perfectionist I never did anything half-heartedly, so when my chores piled up neatly, almost reaching the ceiling I knew I will have to finish them decently. Thus I started multitasking, turn on the gas-stove, the cooker is on the flame and I am chopping the ingredients of next item. As a result, I used to finish the cooking for a whole family within two hours of entering the kitchen. I used to enter and exit by two hours I mean. I am a sloppy cook but I did as best as I could, no burnt, half-cooked half-hearted stuff, only tasteless ha ha. By exiting I mean if someone entered after me s/he will see a totally organized kitchen, nothing in kitchen sink, no disorganized bottles or boyams.

I used to read and cut the vegetables at the same time when I was student, now I do it when I watch the television. 🙂

One of my bosses used to tease me about this “multi-tasking” 🙂 she found it quite amusing. Actually I always synchronize my works so that I dont fumble around and spend minimum possible time working and idle around the rest of the day tee hee.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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