Thursday scribblings 9.10.14

The vices I cherish – 2. rage.

Anger certainly is a very destructive force, without doubt. But when life is absolutely unfair, and a gang of monsters are hell-bent to destroy you anger is far better than any other emotion.

In place of wallowing into frustration, pain or self-pity it is better to boil with fury. Because that will be such a pain to those monsters. In place of seeing you crawl on the ground they will see you standing tall till you die.

That is one of the best revenges if the things are absolutely against you.

Die roaring like a lion not squealing like a rat.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


2 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 9.10.14

  1. Anger isn’t bad in itself. There is a lot of times when we should get angry, not just be apathetic. As long as we use our anger for good, which I’m sure you would, it’s not a vice.

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