“The Lotus of Fire” my first book

the lotus of fire 2

Thanks Teagan for telling me about createspace, it is amazing!

After pothi totally let me down on 2/10 (They pocketed my durgapuja gift of Rs. 3000. that my brother gave me because he knew I was dying to see my books in prints and then from 16/9/14 to this date- that book is nowhere to be seen, I again and again requested them about two things- 2/10/14 date and my name’s spelling, when they submitted me the final proof on 1/10 I noticed that they have misspelled my name in backpage still i ignored and submitted it thinking that they will keep the request of this stupid writer about publishing it on 2/10/14 I was stupid they proved that) I went to createspace smug as only I can be that nothing will come out of it! Can you believe it? They guided a total rookie like me into making my dream come true?

Now why I love createspace?

I by mistake clicked their paid service and a lady named Laura contacted me, without creating a single fuss (when I told her that I dont have any money) she gave me a list of links that I followed and here is my book!

They give you doc/pdf formats – all you have to do is follow it- dont try any experiments, and remember if you have any picture its dpi should be above 300 (resolution). Then once it is done they give you a reviewer that spoonfeeds you about your slips and necessary correction.

They supply you covers- you have to open their online cover builder and choose or supply your own cover in their format.

They allow you six platforms including kindle for free.

They totally guide you as best as anyone can! I was a total rookie and now I am their fan.

I will let you know about my experiences.

Do check out my book and let me know about the slips or beauties so that I can try better next time 🙂
love and hugs.

Its here: https://www.createspace.com/5030667


6 thoughts on ““The Lotus of Fire” my first book

  1. Congratulations on the book. The cover looks great. Is this based on something I may have read of yours, or is it totally new? I was thinking of using Createspace when I did my short story Giselle but went with Smashwords instead. I kind of wish I had used Createspace, since Smashwords didn’t release it on Kindle, even though they said they would. Oh well. I hope you have a lot of success with your book.

    • You are a very talented writer, what is stopping you now? well, for a total clumsy rookie like me createspace is the ultimate choice. i think i will stay with it. 🙂

      no that picture is this year’s durgapuja’s painting 🙂 so yes and no, you have seen that face again and again in my works, same and not.

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