selfpublishing is good enough for me

Oh yes!

I am going for self publishing. The decision is made. I was already determined to publish a book of haiku+seven and a book of free form poetries. Courtsey Jukepop I will publish two books of short stories too. Before 2015 they will be out.

Enough fiddling around!

Honestly the thought that made me change my mind is my revered poet Tagore, all of a sudden I remembered that almost all of his poems were self-published in a press run by him if I am not wrong, at-least they were kept alive by that press till date, before the government got greedy by their selling and gave the copyright to everyone.

So, if Tagore has not self published I can have million rupee bet that most of his poems would have lost that “straight from heart” touch.

Thank God he did.


4 thoughts on “selfpublishing is good enough for me

  1. Excellent decision! I’m both indie published and traditional and what a difference! Both very fulfilling but you’re right, nothing feels like “straight from the heart” as much as something that’s actually straight from the heart. Good luck – you have a gorgeous voice so it’s only fair that the world gets to enjoy your poems!

    With love, E A A Wilson

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