thursday scribblings 11.9.14

This month is dedicated to those suggestions, orders I did not listened to and was quite blessed because of that.

Number 2

Never walk away from your family.

I wasted my entire early life on this stupid, dumb quote that has been chanted so many times that young, impressionable mind ignore all the contradictions and believe that “Family is always well-wisher.”

Well, my family did not dropped out of blue sky, it is quite normal, looks quite normal at-least, and I dedicated my feelings on this trashbin for years, in every sense, i loved them, was there for them whenever they needed (except during last rites- i really dont feel at all well in those situations, so i bunk them), they merrily lapped up every ounce I had to offer and then when my turn came, boy you should have seen them putting up monster masks.

Now I know I should not have wasted all my years on them, if I had been ruthless like them I would have made a nice career, after all, that too was screwed because of them, their incessant contribution of opposite tide I mean.

So, if you think your family is not worth it, walk away from them once you can make something out of your own life and if they are absolute moron dont look back.

Ever since I have walked away from them my life has transformed for better, and in the last (almost) decade I have only one regret, why could not I do it one/two decade/s earlier!


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