Thursday scribblings 4.9.14

This month is dedicated to those suggestions, orders I did not listened to and was quite blessed because of that.

Number 1

I was a bookworm, the type of bookworm who will read the wrappers of the grocery. I had to read every intelligible thing.

Often I read taboo stuffs too, I still remember I almost gave my aunts a heart attack when they discovered me with Lolita, I was sixteen or so then, they told me to not read that, that I was too young for that. Honestly I could not understand anything, later when i tried reading that book when I was older, worldly wise i realized why their eyes were all round and jaws hanging.

Well back then authors had the decency of being a little discrete, so even though I have read every bengali novel before I was fifteen, I realized about their adult contents when I repeated them for the umpteenth time after becoming more matured. Then writers wrote in double layers, kids wont grasp the adult stuffs and the adults will get the clear message.

So, I dont regret being a bookworm, reading everything. That made me quite expert about some things, like roll on hay before marriage- why a smart woman will never do that! That is one of the best knowledge I have gathered from them and the other one is always looking for truth, the real answer of every quiz.

So, now when I look back and check out all the comments, reprimands I have received for reading too much I realize it was good that I ignored them, disobeyed them.

Books are the best thing you can invest your time on.


2 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 4.9.14

  1. Not just your time but also your money. If you can buy something that can take you to another place and let your mind wonder for a few hours, forgetting what’s going on around you then it’s money well spent. Great post Sharmishtha!

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