Thursday scribblings 14.8.14

I loved the movie “I hate valentine days”, its a cute, heartwarming movie.

In one of the scenes the hero expresses his desire to gift the heroine with an antique stool, she refuses it, and her answer will always stay with me.

“Whenever I see an antique thing I can feel the hands of dead people, who used and loved it clinging to it….”

Well… you can never tell… right?

I am neutral about life after death, I dont believe it only because I dont have any real proof. But I wont challenge it at all if some proof shows up.

So, as I am typing away my post, my computer is on a small divan, very old, I dont sleep on it, I did once, but everytime I slept on it I used to have really tormenting nightmares… not physically emotionally.

Maybe, its ex owner passed away while suffering deep pain, grief or loss eh?

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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