musegames on wednesdays 13.8.14

girl in sky boat 4.6.14

The imprisoned princess of dreams often dreamt of someone, she could not see him, he always stood hidden in bright sunlight, a few steps away from her realm of twillight, the bright sun made him transparent.

She ached for him for he was the only one she could see, in the barren land of moon, imprisoned away from other magical beings, as the powers of darkness captured her land.

“Come out to me princess…” he often called out to her in a sweet voice.

She knew to walk out of twillight zone she will have to leave her armor behind, the armor that saved her from being devoured by the darkness that haunted her.

Her heart and body ached for him. But her mind warned her again and again.

While her tormentor waited for her to step out.

He was optimist that sooner or later she will give in.

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


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