Thursday scribblings 7.8.14

The problem with knowledge is even though it brings light with it but we can do without it more happily i believe… but once it is there you cant shut the door and pretend it is not there. It is absolutely tyrant. It wont let you ignore it ever again. 🙂

this month i will love to share some harmless knowledges that i would have done without…

Silver Bullet- a movie about a werewolf priest.

How I loved full moon nights before watching that cursed movie 🙂

When I watched it I was totally a scaredy cat- scared of everything that went bumping and screeching in night! That movie screwed up my full moon nights for years to come.

I think I would have done really great if I had watched that movie after being seasoned with horror movies. 🙂

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


4 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 7.8.14

  1. We can talk ourselves out of our fears; the mind is a powerful tool for this! You should be out, enjoying the moonlight. I was so afraid of Dentists. To my amazement I talked myself out of the fear convincingly enough, that the whole thing went great, and I found I had nothing to be afraid of at all…

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