disturbed… the crazy one


She just could not stay away from her… to play safe, she always picked up male identities, the fear always ruled inside her cheating, lying heart that her husband will one day discover that she was a repulsive monster and go back to the one he loved with all his heart, before she entered the game.

On one hand she and her hired dogs made the life of her rival miserable, sucking out all the positive charm that she had, the charm that won her husband’s heart once.

On the other hand she kept trying again and again that she falls for one of her dogs or joins some monastery, some ashram… anything… so that she could finally forget her.

How she wished that a lightning struck her and she died… but she did not, and her dogs kept telling her that she was quite happy too.

She could never understand that if the curses, prayers of vultures worked the world will run out of other living animals. So God ignores their prayers.

Seven Sentence Story 3.4.14


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