Musegames on wednesdays 9.7.14

musegames 9.7.14

The fisherman could not believe his own eyes. The orca directly came to his boat and overturned it. Then it dragged him under like a rag doll.

It dragged him till he almost died and then released him. When his friends told him that the whales in that area has gone loco he did not believed them. He straightened his boat and rowed like his tail on fire.

It started right after they captured two baby orcas and sold them too an entertainment park.

Are whales learning from human beings to settle scores?

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14


6 thoughts on “Musegames on wednesdays 9.7.14

  1. Very hard question my dear friend. Since humans get too close to them in their territory maybe they have picked up human traits. maybe? Animals are far far superior than us, why would they copy our bad traits?

    • i love orcas, and i do think human beings are lucky that they are not as spiteful as human beings… vindictive. I wonder what goes in their heart when their babies are stolen from them for “fun”.

      • Here in the aquariums orcas are kept in captivity for entertainment of children and adults. Their babies are also born in captivity. Most of them meet tragic ends and I feel so sorry for them These lovely big animals are for the open oceans. So tragic. I am sure they have emotions just like us and they feel the pains of life.

      • actually you should read some articles about orcas on net, i realized after reading those articles that how much sophisticated they are in comparison to other animals incl human beings, and how deeply the entire pod is bonded.

        only man can keep such a huge animal, naturaly resident of ocean in aquariums to have shows. the governments should ban it… but… they too come out of men after all. once they had their fun in amphitheaters

  2. I do not blame the Orcas for wanting justice of a sort, even if it’s retributive, but we set a bad precedent if it is us they pick up habits from, especially humanity’s baser impulses.

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