Thursday Scribblings 26.6.14

Human brain is quite a thing, is not it? Do you ever have a last second hunch about a thing the person is about to say? I sometimes do… why I dont know.

Not only that, I often used to have a last day hunch about the questions that were about to come in exams, the creepiest ones were almost always the last question I would have been reading before surrendering the reading materials to the examiners always came… almost always 🙂

The final one was during my graduation exam, I still remember, why I dont know in the last minute I was gobbling up the story of Babur, and that certainly came in the questions, that helped me a lot because for a change I was able to give every date from his life accurately, when i wrote history answers mostly I had to give dates a slip, the reason why i marked so little in history 🙂

Have you ever had these creepy experiences?

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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