Thursday Scribblings 12.6.14

I really dont enjoy doomday stories… till date I have seen only one or two I guess…the thing that pops up its head in my mind continuously and adamantly is the hope that human beings are not that stupid. They will mend their ways and repair the damages to their home.

I somehow feel very uneasy watching the systematic destruction of the planet, that is our only home, and our lifebreath- by alien attacks, human handiwork or natural calamity. The first one is impossible, the second one is the most probable cause, the third one well it may happen and may not happen.

But those doom day movies may send some sense into the brains of those who think they will get away with destroying the planet…so they may be quinine but good for patients of malaria.

Do you hope that human beings will change their nature and can change it?

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


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