fireshot 28.01.2014 12 copy E1

“Don’t start fires at random places son…” he heard his mother shout from the kitchen. He ignored her and threw the matchstick in the pile of leaves.

He loved those flames, even though his parents have told him again and again to collect the leaves in the pit and set fire there but he could hardly wait, ignoring the fact that these whims caused damage to nearby plants.

“Maybe we should send him to a shrink..” his father muttered. “You know setting fire without any rhyme or reason is the first sign of psychopaths.”

“The next sign his cruelty to animals…” they both looked at him, tugging the tail of their pet cat.

“Is he hurting him….”

“Dont think so… I think he is only playing.”

Seven Sentence Story 3.4.14


2 thoughts on “pyromaniac

    • was watching “criminal intent” the psychiatrist was saying that starting fires is often the first sign of pschopathic behaviour, well, I too love fires very much but dont start one, only because they are harmful to the environment šŸ™‚

      I wont mind starting a few in a harmless spot…

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