Thursday Scribbling 1.5.14

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14

Why do people get so curious about others? My curiosity level about others have been very low, now I think it would have been better if it was a bit higher and I have been observing people aroud me, people who could directly effect my life keenly, withoug becoming a snoop of-course. But, sadly it was too low, and now I am no longer interested in them, so the curiosity level has dipped further.

Now, after being a part of fb, I have noticed that people do take their real selves to social medias too, when i had to maintain a relationship with other people I always used to feel aghast when people asked me three questions at the first meeting (and sulk, imagine befitting answers if not answered)- Q1 age Q2 marital status Q3 employment status. Fortunately most of my friends in wp are not Indians, but in fb the people are mixed type, and almost every indian who tries to chat up asks these three questions. Its a surprise though that they dont ask for address and phone number! The thing that surprises me is why are they so curious about strangers, if you dont answer their questions, ignore them, and they get fixated on you they will try to rope in their friends. Honestly, I have this nagging feeling that more than one of fb accounts have multiple users πŸ™‚

I have had that experience in the very beginning, he was a young boy, so when he was chatting up with someone else’s friend he made the mistake of asking her name! Good that i use my name in bengali font there. it helps in weeding out.

Another one has been having a long conversation with me for sometime, then a couple of days ago all of a sudden his english became really bad and he became obscene, I blocked him, because I dont want to mingle with people without least manners, and there are too many of these frustrated (almost always Indian) men in fb it seems. The account may have been hacked, and then, may be it was not hacked, multiple users case like in the first one, having some fun at the expense of others.

How pathetic these people can be. I will never understand the hopeless mentality of these people, who just dont understand when they are being pathetic, or being absolutely disgusting.A part of my heart feels pity for their pathetic mindset the other wants to spank them silly and my brain simply blocks them accessing me.

This is why there is a famous proverb in bengali that says if you take a thrashing machine to heaven it will simply thrash hay there too… it wont change itself!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 1.5.14

  1. Koreans usually ask your age and marital status on the first meeting and North Americans ask your job, so I’m used to all those. πŸ™‚ In Korea, people do since they have to know if they are socially superior or inferior, since that will affect the language they use. If you are older or married, they have to be more polite. πŸ™‚

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