too perfect

courtesan  12413

“This is why one should marry as per one’s own choice.” Deepak said, “The girl dad chose for me, she was just not meant for me, heaven only knows from where he picked up her, she expected to be treated like a queen, only if she had that looks or wallet… Its good that I did not listened to him.”

Sarvesh shrugged and stared when Deepak’s choice showed up. She was pretty, all dolled up, she too stared back at Sarvesh, face blanched amply under thick layer of makeup.

“This is my wife Kamini…Kamini my best friend Sarvesh.” he introduced her with smug pride, “She is every man’s dream wife… you wont believe how much she has suffered and still suffers because my parents just wont accept that I married her…. BTW you know, she worked in UK for full five years before shifting here… very near your place, Manchester.”

Sarvesh looked at Kamini, without smiling, wondering for how long will that highly paid escort play the role of Indian housewife.

Seven Sentence Story 3.4.14


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