Thursday Scribbling 10.4.14

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You see your own reflection in others, the things you hate in others you have in yourself.

Oh yes… give me a break! When I was a student of that school, I used to think the most wicked persons good, because I was too naive, and I have often heard the most wicked ones saying the same thing- everyone is wicked. But they almost always claimed they were the only good person around.

But when I grew up, when I came out of the school seasoned, I realized one simple truth, I dont see my reflection in others, in place of that I try to see them as they are. So I know there are people in this world who are good, who are bad and who are downright ugly. I am what I am, and that has nothing to do with how I see others. I am fully aware of myself but that does not stops me from understanding and respecting how different every other person is from me! Some are far better, some are far worse, some are different.

No I never believed and will never believe that Jesus Christ and Hitler were equals.

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14


2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 10.4.14

  1. I came to the realization a while back that not everyone is equal. I mean, everyone is equal in value as a person, but some people really are better than others morally or in talents. That may seem obvious, but I grew up thinking that people’s good and bad mostly cancel out. There are some truly wicked people out there though, and truly saintly ones.

    • I fully agree, but there are so many people who will try to prove us wrong by saying every human being is a mixture of good and bad etc. etc. I have spent quite sometime being lectured on my firm belief that not every human being can be called victim of circumstances, some are born evil and ofcourse some are truly angelic.

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