One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 2.4.14

dancer 6.3.14 1

He sat there watching her, she looked so beautiful in that dress, and all those ornaments. She came down after the dance was over.

“Hey!” she smiled at him when she saw him but softly stopped him when he tried to hug. “Public display of love is not very welcome in India…” she said gently.

They went to her small cottage and he realized that she has changed, seemed not only the dance style but the spirit of India too has touched her.

From a light hearted person she has transformed into someone deeper, mysterious and more attractive. He fell in love again.

musegames on wednesdays


2 thoughts on “One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 2.4.14

  1. That’s a beautiful story. I had the impression that public displays of affection were not done in India; it seems like a pretty conservative country. In Korea, it’s similar, although it’s changing slowly. Younger people often hold hands and hug and sometimes kiss in public, but never older people.

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