Thursday Scribbling 27.3.14

Hypocrit Indian men (not all), who all of a sudden have become spokespersons of Indian men think women are fool, so if they start praising women, who are easily available to them, without the wedlock as Goddesses or rebels, and the other women will start following them without applying their own brain, then they are the fools, not women.

Recently a movie released, the men were all praises for this movie, I thought that it might be interesting, something modern women can be happy to watch, say an Indian Monalisa smiles, then it turned out to be the fantasy of Indian men of present age, a woman does not gets married and starts having fling with every available man- oh Indian men! just snap out of your dumbness, you know, sad for you, but women have started thinking too.

Why don’t they understand that a smart woman wont get impressed by lifestyle of a geisha, even though they wear silk kimonos and live like queens, if they were the ultimate fantasy of liberated women, then, well, society would have disappeared long ago. Human beings would have gone back to stone age.

Women have lived with this lie for milleniums, they know, that Ravanas always try to lure, force Sita out of their barriers, to drag them to their lair and then promise them earth and heaven in return of their virtues, after all, if a woman becomes easily available, who will be the loser? The woman, sooner or later the man will move on, may be after leaving her with a child or half a dozen, or diseases that he has gathered from diseased women he has had fun before.

Why dont men praise women who bear burqa? Who shun men and live their own life, practice self control or celibacy? Because there is no gain from them. Only stupid women will get fooled by these words and try to be easily available on their dishes.

I still remember when an Indian callgirl from england said that there was no difference between her and married women, only she had multiple clients and married women had single, they both lie down for money and how men after men applauded her words. That was the first glimpse in the mind of too many Indian men. They do sometimes try to prove marriage is some kind of such contract between a man and a woman, by forcing it upon women, they are unworthy of or who are too scared to resist them.

But, anyway, they may be nightmares, but still these cavemen are better than the women they adore, because these women, lately are increasing in a rapid scale, riding on the wallets of these men, who are ready to shower their last penny on their beds, they are the rich and happening women of India lately, you will see them everywhere, but wont know their true faces unless you are a client. The worst thing about these women is they are capable of doing anything to hide their source of income, if they think you are a threat to their whitewashed faces, you should pray to God for deliverance. They work in gangs, and if that gang gets after any woman, she is doomed. How do I know? Well, I have been hounded by a gang of these women, absolutely spiteful and venomous for years, they and their slaves have turned my life upside down, not because I sold them off to someone… sorry, the time since they started to hound me I did not even knew they existed in world, they all of a sudden appeared in my world like a gang of specters-evil, spiteful and dangerous… I am yet to know why exactly they are after me.

At the end, after being harassed by them and their owners plus pets all i can say is easy women are easy women, they cant be idols of anyone but pigs, who will do anything for a bellyfull of food. So if you belong to this class, my suggestion is dont read any of my blogs, because your lifestyle, way of earning money disgusts me, and always will…. there is nothing personal, I dont like every way of earning money, and yours is one of them, but I know some of you just cant stay away from my blog, because you are afraid your name may show up some day, with a little story of your life… ah! the life of sin! it does have its taxes. You should remember one thing, no matter how many b**** join up and chase an elephant, she does not cares, sooner or later she starts to ignore their incessant, stupid barking.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 27.3.14

  1. That is a rather cynical view of marriage, that that one woman expressed: that marriage is just a call girl with one client. I’m glad you’re standing up for the cause of decent women.

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