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Realm of Empress Musie

owl 21.3.14 BS 1

Those eyes that glow like fire
in darkness scaring travelers
are so helpless in bright light
you are as helpless as the day creatures
are in the pitch black darkness of night
night flyers, lost in broad daylight
cornered and bothered
by scared little birds
waiting for night to return

Last friday I woke up to the noisy chattering of a group of seven sisters, at first I thought they were having a feast, then I thought the bad thing, they have dropped a baby, but when that chattering kept on and on I went out to investigate, there s/he was, a huge, majestic owl, perched on the window sill of the house opposite to ours.. poor thing, all day long, the seven sisters, the crows kept waltzing around, trying to peck, sometimes some other birds joined in, but these were the insisting ones…

I was glad that they did…

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