Guilty Soul

The new long story, divided in parts has started in WingOfDreams, if you like my humble stories, you are most welcome there, in case, you miss a part or two, you will find the entire story here:

gulity soul


The car left for the home of the bride. The house was decorated with flowers and light. Mr. Singh was travelling with the groom, his children were in the bus.

They reached the wedding venue earlier, the bus was about to show up any time, the bride’s family was waiting for them with flowers.

An hour went by… the waiting party settled down on chairs, sipping cold drinks, chattering away merrily.

Mr. Singh’s phone rang, his face blanched.

“What happened?” Mr. Jana, the bride’s father quickly asked.

“A truck … the bus…”

No further explanation was needed.

The marriage continued, Mr. Singh stayed with the groom, the remaining family rushed to hospital.

Both Mr. Jana and Mr. Singh left for the hospital after the marriage.

“Do you think it was … done on purpose?” Mr. Jana could no longer suppress himself.

“How?” Mr. Singh asked, “We both know… she does not have any power… she does not even knows that we had any roles to play behind it all…”

“Yes… guess so…”

The car pulled in the hospital. They rushed to the emergency ward.

Mr. Singh’s brother stopped them…. “Let’s talk… sit down bhai (brother).”

The earth swayed under his feet.

“What happened?” he asked… his breath stuck in his throat.

“Parmesh (his son)….” his brother said, “… was sitting right beside the driver… it was a head on collission in full impact…”

“Did he make it?”

His silence answered his question.


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