Thursday Scribbling 27.2.14


Approval of others- How much we crave for it when we are growing up. We give so much importance to what others think about us that we forget to think about what we want for us, what we need for us.

My experience rich life has taught me a few precious things, one of them is fixation of evil type, if you rub an evil person in the wrong way, or an evil person gets fixated on you, you may move on, but believe me, if you turn back, most probably you will see his tail, with a little arrow at the end vanishing behind some bush, wall if he was too late to duck.

These people zero their cyclops eyes on every good thing you have, and then they try to kill those virtues one by one, if they cant, they try to corrupt your nature, by trying to provoke, pull out the worst things in a human, namely- despair, self loathe, anger, hatred, jealousy… his area, the land where he is the master!

I have some stalkers like that, a pedophile who just cant ### out of my life, even though the damages he has done already is irreparable, I hope he ends up in the same hell that he has so elaborately tried to built for me, but have failed, after all he is just a ^^^ pedophile with strong connections but there is something far more powerful than him God, seems like he is back in new avatara, trying to remind me that a backstabber is always a backstabber, they just cant change their genetic, can they? All I need to do is confirm that this avatara is really the pedophile, then he will be swept out of my world, like he has been before. He is one shameless MFB. I sometimes think that he enjoys the chosen vocabularies he overheard, read through my hacked emails, messages… that most probably gives him the kicks! Like the devil of a series i sometimes watch, Supernatural- you know, being an idiot about sick minds, I often learn from serials and movies, who say they are absolutely useless, and I watch with great relief, how they resemble my stalkers. Most probably he never thought that I will walk out of his dungeon, where he and his lunatic servants have given me five years of ****, so he just shows up to spill out his venom, like a frustrated cat scratching the nearest available thing. It’s hard to get rid of him, because he is part of a group of fixated psychos, so, they have taught me one valuable thing- To ignore B****.

So, the final word is, if you know you are right, if you know you have tried your best, if you know you are good then dont give any importance to what a suspicious character says, if someone you trust says something about you, which you dont agree with, weigh his words, think, if he is right or you are right, after all, mostly we are our own best judge…. others can assume, but we know! there lies the difference.

There were years in my life, when everyone around me was trying to prove me evil, selfish… everything I was not, and never will be, but that is the time when I realized how priceless ego can be, and how good for you is knowing yourself to the very depth. Later, when my own mind calmed down I realized that I have been living in hell, mistaking it as paradise, for years i have mistaken demons as angels, but, in the end, I knew that they have ganged up against me to silence me or make me kill myself, or just go cuckoo!

What if I have believed them? They would have been grinning like cheshire cat! I would have been reduced to ashes, or would have been babbling incoherent things in some loony bin!

You know, dont let others say what you are! Know yourself and then tell others what you are! EVil and its adversaries know a 1001 way to corrupt, kill a good soul, so, better beware!

sign 16.2.14


4 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 27.2.14

    • Justice is one of my daily prayer, absolute justice! I too hope that I will see it before death 🙂
      the sooner the better! I wanted to share my own experiences once in a while to let others know that these are the way I have seen the world, there is no blaming the world on imaginatory abuses- its truth! I think and believe that makes writings more authentic, touching, after all, touching the hearts of others and changing this country is my prime motto, or else i would have stopped writing these things, and would have started writing romantic novels 🙂

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