One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 26.2.14

rain small 16021402

She sat there watching the rain, pouring down steadily.

She could not call herself an ace photographer, or a talented one, nor was her camera a photographer’s envy. Still a part of her heart mused.

Will man ever be able to capture nature just the way it is in anything at all?

In a photograph, a perfume or recording.

The splendors of nature are so refined, so exquisite. Still beyond man’s palette.

musegames on wednesdays


4 thoughts on “One pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 26.2.14

  1. We’ve come close with photos, but there is nothing like actually being out in nature, all your senses inundated with sensations. I don’t think there is any substitute for that. Great picture, by the way. Is that the weather there these days?

    • you know i was thinking exactly what you think, when i took those photos- the thing that my eyes were seeing were far more beautiful, then the fragrance that comes with rain, the wind that touches- we will never be able to replicate nature, so, only if we stop destroying it!

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