Thursday Thoughts 20.2.14



I am quite amply biased to animals, a fact I cant deny…so, every time I read about “human animal conflicts” I only half agree with those who think that encroachment of animal territories is the main reason of mindless killing of animals by men.

In reality it is the extreme inclination of human beings towards possessing everything around them, for only themselves or those they think are worthy of being shared with. They dont share with other human beings, forget about beasts and birds.

This psychology is what creates most of these conflicts. They first encroach and then wipe out everything in the vicinity, then what? they settle down… naah! they eye the next, adjoining wild land.

Whereas, it would have been so easy to live in harmony! If human beings wanted it, because they are the only creatures that knows the reasons and posseses the power to avoid these…

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