Thursday Pedagogy 13.2.14

Colours and Words Waltz

4 Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13 CAWW

When a beast follows you around, or flitters around you, you can guess his or her intentions, it may be a harmless affection of a dog, or a harmless greed of a cat, a little forbidden pleasure of stealing your milk, fish when you are not around…

But when a man or woman shows up too frequently in your path, without any rhyme or reason, you start to wonder… whether it is just co-incidence, a harmless attraction or a devious emotion is the driving factor.

After all, human beings are the only creature on this planet whose activities can be bought by various means- money, fear, affection, hatred…

Alas, if only it was possible to gauge human beings as easily as one can understand other creatures of world.

Sometimes I too think that human beings are actually aliens, something not from this planet. 🙂

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