wrong number

val humour 14214

“I am dead!” he whimpered, “Absolutely dead….”

He could barely believe his own eyes, how could God be so cruel… mean… He placed that card, rose and box of chocolates when he saw touching the doorknob. But right at that second her mom called her and she went to kitchen and her older sister opened the door… He has seen her glaring at him so many times… whenever he was watching her little sister… to be precise.

“I am dead…” he ran as fast as he could.

They came out together, as they always do, both sisters studied in same school.

“Hey you!” the older one looked at him, straight in the eyes. “Come here!” she ordered.

He stood there sweating hard.

“Here…” she shoved the three items in his hand. “Now, give them to her properly…”

She laughed out loud. She looked like an angel.

“What if it was daddy or our elder brother came out instead of me?” she giggled hard. “You have scribbled your name too… woo hoo! Are you not a brave little boy!” She hugged him with great affection.

He could see her wicked little sister was trying hard to hide her grin.

He too started to smile.


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