Thursday scribbling 13.2.2014


Love is beautiful in itself, a pure feeling, when you love someone you rise above petty things like your lover’s looks, nationality, religion or financial status.

I believe some things are essential for a beautiful relationship, they are mutual trust, respect and tolerance. We do have to toler our partner’s vices, annoying habits- if you think you can change them… well best of luck! but dont be upset if you miserably fail! So, if you look for lasting relationship look for the person you will be able to love ignoring all the things about that person you hate or dont love.

I was that love hungry soul who quite resembled Brandon Fraser in “bedazzled” only I was not that desperate after crossing my teens, by then I have become smart enough to hide that side in. But I always looked for “that person” till my life’s bizarre creatures made me totally confused about the “thing called love”- the first thing happened in Devil’s lair, I knew it was deep, very deep, then one day I started to note that the person I loved was not really the sweet creature I thought him to be, I was confused about my own decision, that how could i love that person, then reality dawned in a horror movie way, one day, I realized that the person I was fond of, was not the person I was thinking he was- for some motive that organization hired look-alikes, people with extreme similarities, and then shuffled them, I realized my blunder when the one i fell for paid a short trip back to his seat. I bolted from there right-after, did not really felt very safe there. But it really shook my faith on the feeling itself, after all, I thought i was deeply in love, whereas the persons were changing right under my nose, my only excuse was it was silent love, one-sided and we did not even talked, forget about mixing, or having any actual relationship. That can be an excuse for my not discovering the swapping game, but can it be? I truly doubted that and love took a backseat in my heart for a long time.

The next time, it came all of a sudden, on a person who has been wooing me online for years, we met, he was my age, unmarried and one look at his face and anyone could see he possessed a pure soul. Very fine, the relationship continued in phone, but after he returned from visit to his place in Uttar Pradesh I could feel that something has changed, but he knew everything, and his voice was similar too, really similar, but things seemed different, then we too change with time, pick up new phrases, mannerisms, styles… then in an ugly discovery I realized he truly was not the person I met, He was replaced by a married old man, with two sons, grandkids and wife, who has been using my affection for him to squeeze out information from me and I can guess now, to hand them over to my enemies so that they can complete their game of my destruction fully. The fun they were deprived off when I bolted their lair.

I will admit that both the incidents were shattering, but that excruciating pain liberated me from my life-long weakness, the stupid illusion that life is nothing without romantic love, actually we can do quite fine without it, we can be truly happy. Even if we are confident that it wont show up in our life. Life just does not takes a single hiccup, forget about dying without it, it discovers fun, happiness, love in other places.

So, if you are desperate for love, just dont wait for the dream come true lover, in place of that, look for the person you can truly adore, admire and suffer πŸ™‚ – and then try to build a relationship filled with love. I believe thats a better bargain.

Its true that people find love, the magical type, but they are very few, and fewer have their love reciprocated, whereas you will see all around you people wasting their lives, ignoring really good relationships looking for that “someone” who often never shows up!

Now, this post was absolutely inspired by some of the posts of my readers, and a few movies, in which people pour out their painful hunger for a feeling i believe is quite treacherous and mysterious πŸ™‚

all the best for your search!


8 thoughts on “Thursday scribbling 13.2.2014

  1. This is a great post, full of wisdom, although I’m sorry it came from such painful experiences. Movies and music these days have made romantic love into almost a religion, where it is the highest ideal in life, which of course is wrong. Like anything that’s good, it has its place but it is not to be elevated to that high status.

  2. I have begun to understand your painful experiences, as I have started reading Honey Trap. My! I think I am learning so much from you my dearest friend, that I wish I could take away some of your pain. Thanks for educating and enlightening us, since remembering those experiences must be very hard for you. I admire your bravery and valor and appreciate your sharing your wisdom with us. Hoping and praying for a beautiful life for you, the best is yet to come who knows. You are good so good things will come your way in abundance, I firmly believe. Take care and God bless you with a wonderful today and tomorrow. Amen.

    • my experiences are bizarre, that is why I ask my friends, who care for me, to read honey trap and get the picture! But, dont be sad, it is a past pain, that has finally left me in a state of mind that cant be disturbed easily. Man may not be fair but God is πŸ™‚

      As for believing human beings I am lucky, blessed that when I absolutely hated human beings I met some angels in internet who taught me to love them again. removed the blindfold. I may not be able to trust human beings much but am at peace with them.

    • Good post, once again. Your wisdom shines through. Wisdom learnt in the furnace of life. It is hard for me to understand all those cultural nuances in your country. Still there is an universal element in your experience. As long you come out a wiser person after the emotional suffering.

      • I am lucky and blessed that I had God with me all the time, and the firm determination that I wont let them have all the laugh. I often wonder what has gone wrong with this country that was once birthplace of sages and saints.

    • true love- well, i think i have enough true love in life, only i have stopped looking for it in the form of a lover πŸ™‚
      i really dont believe i was made for Indian men and vice versa, we are just incompatible to each other. our path will never mingle.

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