Thursday Scribbling 6.2.2014


Recently one of my blogging friends asked a question to us, his readers about attracting more comments, how can one do that, well, its been quite some time in blogging world now, almost a decade to be precise, so I can get a bit preachy.

Well, from the very beginning my target was never too many footfalls or comments, honestly, because I knew that I dont write for entertainment or everyone, so I banked on selected few readers, readers who will actually read and leave comments, and whose work in return I will be able to read and enjoy, leave comments with pleasure.

There are some people who actually bore me to death, one, those who leave a comment in my blog in following pattern-

Thank you for visiting my blog, please keep visiting (Oh yes! I have all the day to waste…)
Please read my story.. here is the URL- (I will, you know if and when I will get the time… may be…)

Thank you for visiting my blog-
and when i follow their URL i reach a blog

advertising only their latest book (With no type of writing at all, through which one will be able to interact-just detalis of their book and where one can get them), Now, if they leave repeated messages in my blog, what will I do? just go to their blog and come back, because there is nothing new there?

similar blogs about gadgets, fashion materials etc.

And the latest one today, it seems the marriage videos are now past, these days bride and grooms are opening blogs to make everyone aware of their nupital journey (joining the masses), where we are stuffed with sweet chocolaty details of their marriage-ooh! cho chweet, but what are they doing in a literary blog? This is the second time I have stumbled upon a blog like this- its BORING GUYS! IF YOU CANT WRITE ABOUT STORIES, POEMS DONT BORE THE WRITERS OF WORDPRESS, OPEN A BLOG IN GOOGLE, YAHOO OR OPEN A FACEBOOK PAGE. GROW UP! BTW, WERE YOU PAID? IN THAT CASE ITS OK.. JUST DONT BUG US. We are not interested in your marriage, honeymoon, upcoming babies or their marriage, your grandkids πŸ™‚ We are really dull people!

Now, those of you who want lots of comments, and are easy to return those comments, you can join groups, there are lot of groups who run shows like “Thursday Rally for Poets” “3 word wednesdays” “Friday Fictioneers”- and the readers/writers of these blogs are really decent people, believe me they will make you so busy that you will have tough time, you will not be able to find time to write- that is why i stopped writing in all of them, there was a time i was running three or four of them together and my muse was almost dead- she was wasting all her time reading, in place of writing. So one day I stopped all of them and am really glad that I did. But if you want genuine comments- join one or more than one group and see how othe bloggers are responding, if they are good, stay, or else leave.

Remember one thing, to get a genuine comment, you will have to share one too!

All the best!


8 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 6.2.2014

  1. Nice tirade! I really enjoyed it and I agree. The habit that bugs me (probably irrationally) are people who leave the URL to their blog is a small, perfunctory comment, especially since if I wanted to see their blog, I can just click on their name. It seems overly desperate. Personally, and I know you feel the same way, if you want me to visit your blog, make an intelligent comment and actually try to form a relationship, not just throw out a million short comments, fishing for followers.
    (There, that’s my tirade. πŸ˜‰ )

    • that part is ok, because i have seen too many times that the URL they use in their gravatar is incorrect. So I rather like it if they leave URL, or want me to read a specific post. That is fine for me, if it has something to do with art or writing.

      Thanks for pointing out that the post was preachy… it was a quite blunt and preachy for sure. It’s just I am not much of a party going type, I love ceremonies but only where I know the people who are there, substantial number of them so… a whole blog dedicated to a stranger/almost stranger’s marriage is a really boring affair for me πŸ˜‰

  2. Spot on. Another annoying trait, which seems a recent one, is people who have “life choice” or “increase your income” blogs leaving their details. Read the title of my blog people! I write, some of which may not be to everyone’s liking or standard but that’s what I do with my blog. I would prefer likeminded feedback, not “Become a millionaire in 12 months by paying me $250.00 now.” Aaaahhhh!!!

Please Please leave your URLs with your comments so I can return your sweet gesture. We all love to read comments, dont we?

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