Thursday Scribbling 30.1.14

I love to spend some time with the plants I have bought, just being around them I mean, I am not a good gardener, just try to keep them alive.

Most of the days when I sit there and do nothing with the plants a butterfly shows up, or may be one butterfly shows up, they are all white. so its hard to differentiate.

It comes, spends a minute or two dancing on the trees, the thing that mystifies me is its prime target is a pot which has some wild plants, which mostly popped up in kitchen, from leftover vegetables, it spends most of the time on that pot, I have sometimes seen it sitting on one of the leaves, but it ignores rest of the pots, some of which have flowers, why?

Another interesting point is, once these flowers dry up I scatter their seeds in the pots, till date, not a single seedling has shown up.

Is that why that butterfly ignores those flowers, because they are infertile like most of the hybrid plants these days?

Intriguing thing to mull over, is not it?



15 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 30.1.14

  1. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I’ve visited your blog, read an article that is quite interesting, makes me really happy to have been following your blog and you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thank you and best regards from Gede Prama affection 🙂

  2. interesting…nature and it’s creatures make us wonder about their ways,mysteries but all the time they perhaps try to impart some lessons……….in this case may be the little butterfly wants to say …the things which provide you joy mostly come without a price tag………she loves the one sprouted out of kitchen left over not the decorative ones from the market.

    • or the one not tampered by human hands- most of the seeds, flowers of garden are doctored by nurseries, to give good flowers, because have you ever noticed how fragrance is vanishing from them?

      That pot filled with plants germinated naturally from edible seeds must be with some natural goodness. Today the little one paid a long visit, prevented me from digging a couple of pots because i did not wanted to disturb him, he stayed quite long, i left him to have some fun after spending about five minutes with him flittering around. When I returned he was gone. Hope he will be back again 🙂

      • Ya…the vanishing fragrance. These big colourful flowers look like plastic ones. Those red desi rose,bright yellow marigolds,summer blooms like bela,rat ki rani,rajnigandha….those are my favourite ones.
        My terrace is full of the self sprouted plants.I don’t have a heart to pull put a green plant.every pot has two or more variety and they grow together so amicably. My terrace pots never look manicured but I love that wild abundance of green.
        Sorsoti pujor subheksha janalam.

      • same to you too my friend!

        I grew up in a home filled with flowers (in the garden) and ever since it has been my guilty secret to dip my nose in them and fill my lungs with fragrance- I loved the fragrance of every flower, even those people ignored mostly like poppies.

        But now, I encounter variety of roses, dahlia, marigolds without any fragrance at all…

        I am your type of gardener, I love to let them grow a bit on their own too 🙂

        I have a weedfactory, if the weeds in it grow properly I will share the pic of that pot 🙂 Right now I am giving the weeds that pop up in the other pots a second chance to live.

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