One pic 2 takes musegames on Wednesdays 22.1.14

chandramallika 0011 Small E1

She opened her diary and started writing.

It’s been so many years since I have coveted for anything. There are two ways of dealing with negativity I guess, one is submerging in it and drowning and the other is realizing how we can be absolutely happy with so little.

The minute you realize this golden truth, yearning almost disappears, and that does not stops you from enjoying every second of life, actually it enhances it, because you taste, relish the sweet things to the full but negative things have milder effect on you.

That is the moment you realize, no matter how wicked the life is, you can always defeat it. If it wants you to mope, beg and weep for things you cant have you can just face it and tell it, try harder. This one is not going to mope!

musegames on wednesdays


10 thoughts on “One pic 2 takes musegames on Wednesdays 22.1.14

  1. Great post! I used to live my life in envy, always wanting the bigger house, the nicer car, and on and on. Finally, after years of clawing and climbing the corporate ladder, I gave it all up for peace of mind. I don’t have as much money but at least I’m content and happy. And when I find myself falling back into the trap of being jealous or green with envy I stop and realize I need to be grateful for the life and love that I have. Thanks for a really great post. We all need to be reminded of keeping it simple…because our society sure doesn’t push simplicity. But simplicity is where you find the grace.
    And thanks Sharmishtha, for your continued support of my blog as well. I appreciate all of your Likes and comments and always enjoy hearing from you.
    Michele at

    • I believe your driving source was ambition, I too had it, but had to give it up when I had to chose mental peace, just like you. I personally believe you did the very right thing, because peace and love is always more priceless than success in material sense. After all, happiness is all that counts in the end.

      you have a very beautiful soul Michele, meeting you have been a positive and inspiring experience.

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